ByLaws/MOA Amendment

How to do Amendment of a ByLaws ?

Any change of the non-governmental organization shall happen in accordance to the Indian Trust Act of 1882 if the non-governmental organization is registered under Trust Act or Indian Society Registration Act of 1860 if the non-governmental organization is registered under the Society Act.

A supplementary deed of the NGO will be submitted with the changed objectives of the NGO. You will have to attach the following documents with the supplementary deed:

1.> No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord in case of changed registered office of the NGO

2.> Amended copy of memorandum of Association of the nongovernmental organization

3.> Copies of resignation letter of those members who have been removed from the Trust

4.> Copies of application form for the new members

5.> Ownership proof of the new registered office from the landlord if you are changing the address

6.> Copies of minute book of the NGO

7.> Copies of Annual Progress Report of the NGO

8.> List of Governing body that is Copies of the comparative list of amendment

Every NGO comes to a point when it needs its bye-laws to be amended. There can be some changes in the objectives of the NGO. There can be a change in the registered office address of the NGO. There can be a change in the removal of a member and addition of a new member. These all changes can be done by doing Amendment of ByLaws/MOA.

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