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Profile Built up:

Organizational profile is a necessary document that gives an introduction to the organization.
It is a basic requirement and in the absence of brochures and other promotional material,
this could be a single source of marketing document for an NGO. This could also be the first
sample of promotional material developed when the NGO has just started off.
There is no set standard in bringing out a profile, but normally, it is two-columned document
which has information about the mission/objectives, contact address, contact person, areas of
work and short descriptions of achievement undertaken.

Membership Built up:

To reduce the Equity and initial investments, funds required for Income tax Licenses and
certificates can be raised from Members contribution.


The accountability of the NGO is mainly reflected by its documentation. We are equipped
with a professional team of Lawyers and Chartered Accountants to generate the following
necessary documents.

  1. Bye-Laws.
  2. Articles of Incorporation.
  3. Project Reports.
  4. Grant Applications.
  5. Promotions

Once the registration and the documentation process is done, the foundation of the NGO has
been established. There are few more tasks that must be completed before the NGO can fully

  1. Appointing staff and volunteers.
  2. Reaching out and becoming known in the community.
  3. Seeking office supplies (Furniture, Computer, Machineries).
  4. Insuring the NGO.
  5. Fund Raising Techniques.

Any volunteer experience can be rewarding. Starting your own NGO can make you feel totally fulfilled. You will learn and grow as an individual and receive a profound sense of satisfaction not easily found in modern life.

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While you concentrate on your core objectives, we focus on your requirement.